WKRG News 5 Video: BP Buying-Off Entire University Marine Science Departments

Plain and simple, BP is offering blanket contracts to entire southern university Marine Science Departments to gag them, misuse the science & fight the case in favor of BP. It’s happened before. After the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill in Alaska Exxon sent out contracts to buy off west coast university Marine and Environmental Science Departments and anyone with a PhD in Marine Science. At that time (over 30 years ago) the deal from Exxon was $200,000.00 plus per year according to Dr. Riki Ott who herself was made aware of and invited in on this oil company payoff deal.


WKRG News 5 Video – This BP Buying Scientists video is corroborated along with other’s here. See a PDF of a contract like the one in the video here: http://www.aaup.org/NR/rdonlyres/1AB09F0C-0FD1-4CCD-8144-7D9EB2595C47/0/22_07_bp_contract.pdf

Hiring the entire Marine Science Department

The contract deal doesn’t only prevent the scientists from releasing the truth to the public, but it also puts the scientists in the awkward position of having to fight The Natural Resources Damage Assessment Lawsuit that the Government will bring as a result of BP’s Macondo Well Blowout Oil Spill.

Everything BP does, each county government they can buy off with friendly promises to say everything is fine will help BP by producing testimony that isn’t true, which in turn will help them in NOT TAKING RESPONSIBILITY for the damage they started.

Don’t believe the hype! The shrimp is not safe! Green Peace intercepted BP Exec Emails wanting to “influence” scientists in favor of BP to help them win their pending court case – pre-meditated plans to by BP to influence University Scientific findings and truth to be presented in court as legal scientific forensic testimony? Isn’t that called conspiracy to commit perjury?

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  2. Glad you posted that one. Did you hear about the internal emails Greenpeace recovered from BP executives? In them, BP execs discuss shamelessly (in writing, no less!) ways in which they can attempt to exert control over the scientists. One of the emails says:

    “Can we ‘direct’ funding to a specific study (as we now see the Governor’s office trying to do?) What influence do we have over the vessels / equipment driving the studies vs the questions?”

    Another email details the agenda for a meeting which includes a “discussion around GRI and whether or not BP can influence this Long Term Research Program ($US 500 million) to undertake the studies we believe will be useful in terms of understanding the fate and effects of the spill on the environment, e.g. can we steer the research in support of Restoration Ecology? . . . It may be possible for us to suggest the direction of the studies.”


    1. Bravo Diane. Anywhere else “influencing research” is equal to “manipulating data” which is lying, plain and simple. When it’s done to influence a court decision it’s called perjury. When it’s done in collusion with others it’s called conspiracy.

      Let’s look at the first offense of perjury- Perjury is the crime of lying under oath. To convict BP’s execs of perjury, the prosecution must establish that the defendants took an oath to tell the truth and knowingly made a false statement of fact. Influencing the scientific data cover’s that. In addition, the false statement must be material to the matter at hand, in other words, capable of influencing the tribunal on the issues before it. It does. Perjury is often said to be one of the most difficult crimes to prove. Compounding the difficulty is the “two-witness rule” used in most jurisdictions. Under this rule the prosecution must show the falsity of a defendant’s statements either by two witnesses or by one witness and corroborating documents or circumstances. Here we have email documents – and of course at least two people – the sender(s) and the recipient(s).

      Now for the second offense of conspiracy: Conspiracy is falls under the category of inchoate offenses. Inchoate, aka “underdeveloped” or “unripened” criminalizes a person’s actions before the intended crime is actually completed.

      In this case the conspiracy is to influence the manipulation of scientific data by paying off enough Marine Science Departments to enable BP executives to present the influenced data (manipulated science / lies) in court as “evidence” to support a purposely twisted version of what BP desperately wants everyone to believe is the truth but which is in fact lies. e.g. perjury. BPs quite dangerous and criminally minded controlling executive management quite obviously has no problems whatever with conspiracy to commit perjury as evidenced by the emails intercepted and made public by the Green Peace organization.

    1. Michelle, absolutely! The ultimate (yet unobtainable) goal of all science is evidence based on 100% accurate measurement and fact. That said scientific evidence comes in several flavors… and to make things worse there’s “Scientific and Forensic Evidence”… one for science and one for law – which makes the whole process a total mess…. and then to make things even WORSE the Southeastern United states suffers from the lowest level of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) education in the USA – making just about ANYTHING BP wants to say in court (even the truth) SO confusing that paying off these Marine Science Departments GUARANTEED to befuddle even the judges – let alone any juries or newspaper readers!

  3. BP (Big Petroleum) can’t buy off retired career marine biologists and Florida Gulf homeboys like me; and their toxic hydrocarbons and dispersants ARE ENTRAINED in the entire biome’s water column and food web (including the shrimp) for the foreseeable future! Hell, they haven’t even left the Gulf of Alyeska from the 1980’s Valdez eco-catastrophe during my sojourn there!! The author Is CORRECT!!!

    1. They can buy all the scientist they want. No one is going to believe and buy their nonsense anymore. This country, this world has woken up and these games will not be played out as they have in the past. Watch and see.

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