What Bp and the City of Gulf Shores won’t show you in their ads

Below are the pictures I took yesterday in Gulf Shores, Alabama … These show th huge difference between the BP and Island Propaganda and the actual TRUTH !! The Truth is BP will be cleaning our beaches for years to come .. The other TRUTH they don’t want you to know is TAR BALLS ARE BIO-HAZARDOUS !! THEY CONTAIN POTENTIALLY LETHAL BACTERIA KNOWN AS VIBRIO !! THIS BACTERIA IS MOST OFTEN ASSOCIATED WITH ILLNESS AFTER CONSUMING RAW OYSTERS , HOWEVER NOW YOU CAN GET FROM TOUCHING TARBALLS OR AFFECTED BEACHES ! When will the city choose to put up warning signs about the potentail heath risks associated with the TarBalls ? Every morning Local real Estate Agent and City Councilman Steve Jones photographs the beach and posts his pictures to facebook from a tourism driving perspective. What I photograph is the real stuff actually going on that he won’t show you folks.  I believe in People over Profits not Profits over people !!   IMO it’s time for the whole Corrupt bunch to go !! ~M~

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