Grab A Shovel – Support HR 3562 Ban Toxic Dispersants Act of 2011

Saturday, February 11, 2012 at 2:00pm until Monday, February 27, 2012 at 5:00pm
Wherever you are
Gulf Change, a citizen’s coalition, is asking for your help in supporting HR 3562 Ban Toxic Dispersants Act of 2011

For more information concerning the minimally estimated 2400 American citizens chemically poisoned during and since the 2010 BP Deepwater Oil Drilling Disaster please go here…

This bill, sponsored by Representative Jerrold Nadler (co-sponsored by Rep. Timothy Bishop and Rep. Raul Grijain), would “amend the Federal Water Pollution Control Act with respect to the use of dispersants, and for other purposes.”

To read the entire text please go here , but in short it would require a ban on the use of dispersants until full study into the use of dispersants regarding human and ecological impact can be obtained, funded by industry, and a formal criteria and protocol set for the continued use of dispersant in our waters.

The proposal has been referred to 2 committees – the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure and the Committee on Energy and Commerce.


1. Please go to . On the left hand side of the page you will see how to send a letter to your representative showing your support.

2. Contact the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee chairman is John L. Mica (R-FL) at 202-225-4035, or by fax 202-226-0821, or by email

3. Contact other members of that committee, who can be found here

4. Contact the House Energy and Commerce Committee, chairman Fred Upton (R-MI) at 202-225-3761, or by fax at 202-225-4986 or by email here  .

5. Contact other members of that committee that can be found here

6. Please sign the petition here—ban-toxic-dispersants-act-of-2011/  showing your support of the bill.

7. In addition, we ask that you sign and support the Sierra Club’s petition asking the EPA to regulate the use of toxic dispersants as well. That petition can be found here


Thank you for your time and committment on behalf of the Gulf Coast, those now and those who will be effected in the future without our united voice of action.

You are very much appreciated.
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