Gulf Coast Activists Crash BP’s Million Dollar Ad Campaign

Money Shot this is what is going on in the background of Bp’s commercial Thanks John Wathen for this awesome shot !!!
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Gulf Coast Activists Crash BP’s Million Dollar Ad Campaign

Gulf Shores, AL – Proving once again that truth and common sense can’t be bought, the oil company and giant mess-maker BP has forked over more than a million dollars for a recently released sixty-second commercial touting their “ongoing commitment” to clean up the still oily Gulf Coast. For number-crunchers, that’s nearly $17,000 per second.

The commercial (found at begins with BP Spokes-Spinner Iris Cross, nimbly dodging tarballs and dead sea creatures as she strolls along Gulf Coast beaches. The view then moves on to an aerial shot of the Gulf Shores Shrimp Festival serving mostly imported shrimp to unsuspecting tourists as several dozen activists on the beach hold signs with pictures of deformed shrimp, fish with lesions, and children with skin reactions to the oil and Corexit they have exposed to on a daily basis for the last year and a half.

The spot wraps up with an “Still Working, Still Committed” message scrolling across the screen in BP’s deceptively green letters.

To that, Gulf Coast activists respond, “The Oil Is Still Here. And So Are WE!”

For interviews, more information or a tour of current conditions along the Gulf Coast, please contact: Cherri Foytlin, 334-462-4484 or Kimberly McCuiston, 251-279-7769.  written By: Karen savage 

Hmm imagine that! Picture capture from commercial and caption Thanks to Trisha James !!