Via The Mobile Press Register : 20 dead pelicans found floating just south of Gaillard Island

Here is one of 20 Peicans found dead today in Mobile Bay .. Cause of death is yet to be determined !

Thanks to The Mobile Press Register for reporting on these tragic and senseless deaths no mater what the cause turns out to be ! Could they be suffering from bioaccumulation of toxins related to last years BP Oil and dispersant debacle in the Gulf of Mexico? Starvation from a lack of food sources due to said spill or some mystery illness? Or in the end will these deaths be blamed on Fishermen like the deaths of so many other countless marine animals since the BP oil Disaster? After viewing the previous post which shows our Marine ecosystem is still full of dispersed oil How can any one help but attribute these deaths to BP’s oil and dispersant too… 20 Pelicans found dead in Mobile Bay

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