Michele’s Seacheles on Zazzle

The Oil is Here and So Are We!Hi, Dave Curtis here. I’m one of the site admins stepping in to comment on this page. What’s This? AlabamaShrimpFestival.com is an all volunteer site and one of our members, Michele, has been creating T-Shirt and other art work in support of the gulf since the spill happened to be downloaded and applied to shirts, hats, hoodies (sweatshirts) etc for free right from the start.

Most people don’t know how to go through the process of saving these files to disk and finding and driving them to a T-Shirt store themselves – so she’s come up with this super-easy idea and I think it’s great! It will help out Michele too since she’s doing so much work in Gulf Shores (and running this site! Woo hoo!) and everyone is using their own money to get things done – so every dollar helps. Please help, wear an environmentally sensitive T-Shirt, hat or pair of deck shoes to show everyone you support our efforts here, and thanks for visiting our site! Pass it on! We need your links and your “shares” (hit the buttons below and SHARE SHARE SHARE!). Not all of the designs you see are Michele’s – so you have a broader selection to choose from including some non-confrontational holiday and other themes so you can still support the work being done here without exposing yourself to angry outrage.

Dave – SEO / One of the Site Admins.

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